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I said no, just like I told him last week when you run out of money I will not pay for beer or cigarettes ever again.Something has seemed to snap with him and he just seems annoyed at my very presence.I hoped that he would see that there is more than beer and if he would put the beer down and participate, he might enjoy himself.I work a full time job and am the breadwinner in the family and I come home to care for the kids, cook, and clean a 3000 sq foot house.

I know he will be all sweet to me in front of them, like we just have a normal marriage and there is nothing wrong and if there is it is because I am depressed or I am not the most pleasant person to be around either.When I ask him to stop for the sake of our family, he says he will but he never does, and then laughs and says he is a good liar.I keep finding myself looking for answers but having a tough time finding them.My problem is our 5 children although they are good people and out on their own they have adopted a pattern of verbally abusing me and making me the scapegoat.He has promised time and time again to quit, but never seeks help.When she was going through her break, up my husband and her went on drinking binges and even fell asleep together on my couch downstairs under a blanket, even after I made a bed for her.He begins to drink again, slowly and then it gets progressively worse.For years I did everything he asked, kept the house in perfect condition, paced while he was out with friends, fed his friends and picked up after them when they decided to stay at our house, etc.The situation is a bit complicated as my husband had a horrible childhood.

This time I nearly left, but again told myself he needed help.I will really have to go back to school and live with my parents for a while, but just glad that I have a place to go.His cousin, who is a very good friend, explained to me that his mom does know he is an alcoholic.We even went to a Christian Counselor and they told him there was no such thing as an Alcoholic.I was promised verbally and in writing that he would quit, but he never did and probably never will.He jumped up so fast, chased me, and backhanded me as hard as he could across my face.I quit smoking about 6 years ago, but drinking increased to a dangerous level.

We have maintained separate finances and while he does contribute to groceries and a car payment, I pay for rent and all other expenses in the house since my income is significant higher than his.So drinking is not just limited to golf, but it seems as I say once he pops the top he does not stop until passed out.I just want my husband to quit drinking and REALLY be my husband and care about me.I feel physically sickened by the sound of a can being opened, even if it is a soda because the sound just makes me think of my husband opening ANOTHER beer.I am sharing my story here just after leaving him a few days ago.Today was the 1st time ever he has taken our boy to the park on his own.When we started living together is when I noticed the real issue.Then, two years ago he contacted me on a site and invited me to a party.He was smarter than me, saying that his drinking had no part in why we divorced.

Eventually he will drunk drive again, as his ego will tell him m he is fine, and then he will be arrested again.However, what is clear is that you never agreed to this kind of life.Just recently, during a physical at work, they gave him a breathalyzer test.

I married my husband knowing that he was an active alcoholic.There have only been a few instances in which he became physical (an never towards me or our 2 daughters, but rather things like punching the wall, etc).I basically like to drink things with flavor when I do drink, such as wine.He is a good provider, a good father and people generally love him.

Since we have been married, he tries his very hardest to be his best for us.Mom is trying so hard to be the perfect mom to make up for the dad not being there, but this kid will grow up and see what is going on around him, then expect his wife to do everything for him.He is never abusive, just the life of the party and the fun parent.Of course he knows the dangers as I have bombarded him (like people have bombarded me) with every health article and other media I could get my hands on.Given them dinner, bathed them, read bedtime stories and then read blogs through the night looking for advice, the right thing to do.If anyone has any suggestions for me I would appreciate hearing every one.I have been with my partner for 9 years and just got engaged weeks ago.

I was his driver for that year, taking him everywhere he needed to go and to my knowledge, the only time he drank was when he was away overnight staying in a hotel on business.I think our strength and downfall as women is that we feel we can change a person with enough love.

I am married to a man that drinks at least a six pack every night after work, and then maybe a 30 pack over the weekend.That way you are not enabling his alcohol abuse, and his chances of choosing to leave it behind are increased.That was a horrible, horrible time. Horrible. He was devastated and inconsolable.What really hurts me the most is that he became engaged with other women.

He drinks at least a six pack every day and more than that during the weekends or when he is not working.My house is now a pigsty with motorbikes and engines in all rooms and my husband now no longer works where as before he always went to work.

Sample text for The. He’d been there only a few days when Kassem had “asked” him to join the informal prison poker. Had Daly gotten bored with his petty.He drinks that until it is gone or takes it home with him to finish at home.Tonight I have finally had enough of sitting watching my husband drink for a few hrs then go off to bed.As a published, tenured professor with a PhD in behavioral sciences myself, now retired from academe, I am well aware that when I respond to a query, what I write is my opinion, given what information is provided.The problem is, I am a stay at home wife (no kids yet) so he feels he deserves to get drunk on the weekends because he supports the household.I should have seen the signs 22 years ago about what a loser he is, but I guess I was just too stupid and could not believe how one person can destroy his life because of alcohol.We have a swimming pool and a four year old that needs to be watched.Alcoholism is not rational, so bizarre, irrational behaviour, including obvious lying, is the rule, not the exception.

He spent all morning drinking and by the time it came to go, he was drunk and humiliated me in front of her.In one of the e-mails he wrote to this woman, he joked about our trip to the ER and how funny he thought it was that he had drunk a bottle of wine with her, driven home and then to keep me quiet, he had agreed to go to the hospital knowing full well what the results would be.The anger i have is at my wife Jose, The love I feel is for Jane who has always been a caring, super intelligent, loving, giving person who I decided was exactly the girl I wanted to marry.I have been married to an alcoholic man for 20 yrs. since I was just 20 years old.I was scared after that, how easily it could have turned physical, and vowed to leave him.He had been sober for several years when we met and I was fully aware of his past, but drinking was not at all part of our lives while dating and our first year of marriage.Our relationship is in shambles and last night I tried talking to him again about all this, he got mad and blamed me, then he apologized.